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ZQ JINRUI CO.,LTD. is a subsidiary of Baota Petrochemical Group. It is located 13 kilometers north of YinChuan Railway Station and covers an area of 350 mu.

The scale of production of the company is an annual output of 12 thousand tons of coal activated carbon, is also one of China's large manufacturers of activated carbon, fixed assets worth 80 million yuan, is a large backbone of Ningxia activated carbon enterprises. Has 10 production lines (including charring 2 automatic production line, annual production capacity of 20000 tons) of carbonized material; 8 activation furnace, a 4 seat BT/336 and group B 4 BT/336 SERP processing and postprocessing; crushing and screening production line, with an annual output of 3000 tons of carbon carbon, acid dipping, and the corresponding the detection, power and other auxiliary facilities. The overall production equipment, testing equipment and auxiliary equipment are first-class in china.

The company to the quality of Lingwu and Taixi anthracite, non caking coal and Xinjiang coal as raw materials with high quality, two kinds of process (traditional process and direct activation process of production). Products are divided into more than 60 varieties, widely used in the purification of drinking water, industrial wastewater, sewage treatment, air purification, solvent recovery, catalyst carrier, flue gas desulfurization, chemical protection and other fields, including "Taixi Coal direct activation of amorphous carbon particles" technology in the domestic leading level of technology, product has developed porous, high the surface area, high pile ratio, high strength and high regeneration rate, surface area free from dust, for free floating, has characteristics of good adsorption properties, are clean, no chemical additives such as water treatment, known as "green products", favored by the majority of users; by the end of 2014 the introduction of activated carbon in Xinjiang coal production. Not only the product quality is stable and reliable, and the price is suitable for the water treatment industry, by consumers, products in short supply. At the same time, the R & D department based on the forefront of market and product applications, and constantly provide users with high-quality products applicable to meet customer needs.

The company strictly in accordance with ISO9001:2008 standards to establish, implement, and maintain a continuous improvement of quality management system. In February 2015, through the ISO14001:2004 environmental management system certification, is the region's activated carbon industry to obtain the certificate of third.

All the time, we always adhere to the customer as the focus, with high quality products and service return customers, enhance customer satisfaction, for the products, the company will provide true and reliable product testing certificate for the user, provide the basis for the proper use of the user, the customer through the company's official website, www.nxbthxt.com, Ali Wangpu and customer service hotline 400-880-3796 about the company, order products, also Welcome your study!