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The principle of activated carbon filtration turned out this way
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The principle of adsorption of activated carbon is to form a balanced surface concentration on the surface of the particles, and then to absorb organic matter impurities into the activated carbon particles, and the adsorption effect is high at the early stage.
But for a long time, the adsorption capacity of activated carbon will be reduced to varying degrees, the adsorption effect will also decline. If the water in the aquarium is cloudy and the organic content in the water is high, the activated carbon will soon lose its filtering function. Therefore, activated carbon should be regularly cleaned or replaced.
The size of the activated carbon particles also has an influence on the adsorption capacity. Generally speaking, the smaller the activated carbon particles, the greater the filtration area. Therefore, the powdered activated carbon has a large total area and a good adsorption effect, but the powdered activated carbon can easily flow into the aquarium with water and is difficult to control, and is seldom used.
Granular activated carbon is difficult to flow due to the formation of particles, and impurities such as organic matter in water are not easy to block in the activated carbon filter layer. The adsorption capacity of the granular activated carbon is easy to carry and change.
The adsorption capacity of activated carbon is proportional to the contact time with water, and the longer the contact time is, the better the water quality is after filtration. Note: filtered water should slowly flow out of the filter layer. The new activated carbon should be washed clean before use for the first time, otherwise there will be ink black water flowing out.
The activated carbon filter before the load should be at the bottom and top of the overlay 2 ~ 3 cm thick sponge, is to prevent algae and other impurities get into large particles, activated carbon used for 2 to 3 months, the effect is reduced if the filter should be the new active carbon exchange, sponge layer will change regularly.
The above is the principle of adsorption of activated carbon, we use activated carbon in Ningxia to do filtration work, it is necessary to replace the activated carbon regularly, so that we can make the filter work properly.

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