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How to get healthy drinking water
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With the improvement of living standards, people are becoming more and more concerned about healthy drinking water, but there are still many doubts about how to obtain healthy drinking water. Recently opened to environmental protection (Stock Code: 300272) will be "Dr. water" in the name of the relevant issues for publicity and popularization, today, first of all to explore the KDF copper zinc alloy filter media characteristics and its role in water treatment.

High levels of zinc in net water mean more harmful substances are replaced

Environmentally friendly, most water purifier is equipped with the United States imported KDF copper zinc alloy filter materials and high quality coconut shell activated carbon. KDF has been widely recognized worldwide as a safe and effective water purification filter. It has been certified as a "microbial suppression device" by the National Environmental Protection Agency (NSF)". In China, KDF also received national health departments' health safety inspection report.

KDF can be exchanged with the residual chlorine and heavy metals in the water. If the water is higher, the exchange of zinc ions will be more. The principle of the Baidu library search for "KDF" that can be seen, such as "KDF release medium of zinc has obvious control effect on microbial synthesis of zinc can prevent the enzyme, thus affecting the normal growth of the organism, so as to restrain the growth of microorganisms".

Purified water, why zinc will exceed the standard? There are many reasons for this phenomenon. For example, a former part of the Shanghai period due to the special situation of Huangpu River water quality, water has increased the chlorine dosage to ensure thorough disinfection and sterilization, and regional water pipeline obsolete and other reasons, chlorine and heavy metal residues increased. In this regard, the sale of service personnel will be targeted to recommend KDF filter equipped with water purifier, but KDF for the treatment of these harmful health substances and lead to increased zinc content of water. This is a normal phenomenon which is relatively easy to occur during the period of poor water quality. The increase in zinc levels in water, in turn, suggests that it removes more harmful substances, indicating good performance of the water purifier.

Zinc content in drinking water is a sensory index, and zinc is beneficial to human health

What does zinc excess mean? The hygienic standard of drinking water in our country stipulates that the content of zinc in drinking water should be no more than 1mg/L, but this index is "sensory property and general chemical index"". Zinc content is higher, the water prone to milky white phenomenon, so that some residents are not acceptable in the sense. But zinc content is not toxicological index. Horizontally, there is no zinc content indicator in the WHO drinking water standard. The drinking water quality standard of the United States stipulates that the zinc content limit is not greater than 5mg/L, and it is clear that this indicator is a recommended sensory indicators. Many health care products and nutrition can also be described from the side, zinc is beneficial to the human body. Such as "three fine brand zinc gluconate oral liquid" instructions indicate, each containing 35.3mg zinc in 100ml oral liquid. Children's formula, zinc, milk and other zinc content is much higher than 1mg/L.

Copper zinc alloy was developed and utilized by the United States as an effective water treatment material. In fact, it has a longer history in china. The material is brass alloy of copper and zinc, brass in ancient China as a vessel, water and food, modern life tap are brass, encountered heavy metal pollution of zinc can overflow into the water and food, but is beneficial and harmless to the human body.

Environmentally friendly, once and will continue to responsibly promise: "this water purifier is connected to normal tap water and we are fully responsible for any direct health damage caused by increased zinc levels in the effluent.".

Scientific rationality considers the relevant standards of safety and health

At present, people pay more and more attention to the safety of water and food, but many people do not know "safety" besides "health". Generally speaking, the government controls the safety and health of the family. But health and safety are not the same, sometimes even contradictory. For example, water will be adding chlorine in water to avoid water bacterial infection in the transportation process, which is due to security considerations; but from the health point of view, tap water before use in home residents is best able to remove the residual chlorine, because chloride is harmful to our body. By the Chinese Academy of Sciences Fu Jiamo preface, edited by Professor Cai Zugen in the "safety of drinking water and drinking water" is a science book that "the current domestic water disinfection, chlorine disinfectant disinfection is the mainstream method", "the disadvantage is in the removal of bacteria also produce some disinfection byproducts, including trihalomethanes and haloacetic acid three...... Both halogen acid and three halogen methane are "three causing substances" (carcinogenic, teratogenic and mutagenic), and these three substances pose a potential threat to human health."

The chlorine in the purified water of the water purifier is removed, and the water is, of course, healthy and healthy for drinking. But in accordance with the "hygiene standards for drinking water", the chlorine content of the tap water of residents at home can not be less than 0.05mg/L, and the water without chlorine is not up to standard. But for users, this is healthy drinking water.

Environmentally friendly products, advocating natural way to remove harmful substances in the water, and retain useful substances, so as to obtain healthy drinking water. The household water purifier is treated with municipal tap water, and the product will further improve the quality of drinking water. According to the product design, the basic tap water under normal conditions (chlorine and heavy metal content in normal), open to environmental protection, this water purifier can effectively remove heavy metals and chlorine, and zinc content in the water will be less than standard. But when the water quality fluctuates, especially the residual chlorine and heavy metals seriously exceed the standard, the capacity

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