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Steady growth in performance, dual industry layout worth looking forward to
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Reprinted in "Morning News" on Tuesday, opened to environmental protection (300272) published 2015 annual report. In the overall market environment is not good, the investor made a satisfactory report card, the company in 2015 the business indicators have achieved a steady increase, to maintain a steady growth in operating results.
During the reporting period, open to environmental protection to achieve operating income 457 million yuan, representing a growth of 21.91%; operating profit 82 million 134 thousand and 700 yuan, representing a growth of 4.75%; a total profit of 86 million 827 thousand and 700 yuan, representing year-on-year growth of 7.44%; attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of 76 million 12 thousand and 600 yuan, up 18.33% over the same period last year; net profit after deduction of non 66 million 487 thousand yuan an increase of 11.8%. Basic earnings per share of 0.231 yuan, net assets yield of 13.4%. In 2015, 0.7 yuan (including tax) was payable for every 10 shares.
From the point of view of products, the environmental protection business can be divided into four parts: water treatment equipment, water treatment core components, fireplace, service income and other products. In 2015, in addition to the decline in service revenue, the other three business income has achieved varying degrees of growth. Water treatment equipment, water treatment and core components, as the core products, become the biggest contribution to profit. Both achieved revenue of 246 million yuan and 167 million yuan, an increase of 32% and 16.16% respectively. Fireplace business as a company habitat water treatment products supplement, the company's operating income and operating profit contribution rate of less than 5%, to achieve revenue 18 million 324 thousand and 800 yuan, an increase of 19.74%.
The first quarter of this year, the company still continues a steady increase in the trend of performance. The latest quarterly report shows that 1-3 months of this year, operating income of 106 million yuan, an increase of 42.26%; net profit of 9 million 823 thousand and 800 yuan, an increase of 15.94%, to achieve a good start in performance.
However, unlike in previous years, the opening of environmental protection plan for the allocation of only 0.7 yuan per 10 shares of cash dividends. In this regard, the company told reporters that the relevant personnel, as an important stage in the development of the company, the company can move to the main business focus for the development of more money, in order to maximize profits, so the future for shareholders to bring greater returns.
It is worth noting that environmental protection as a leading enterprise in the field of residential water treatment, the achievements in the new business development are also impressive. The original cell technology group project is the fourth pioneering project by President Qu Jianguo, which holds 50% stake in the company. During the reporting period, the viability of the primary cell industry has been growing rapidly.
Established in July 2014, the original cell technology group is dedicated to the international standardization, professional storage and treatment of human cells, as well as the large health industry such as treatment technology, product research and development and transformation applications. From the creation date just more than a year, the company has launched the cell banking, health and immune evaluation, gene sequencing, private medical and health management, pension and other high-end series of health products, and by the community sought after. The original cell has grown to have nearly ten subsidiaries of the company, not only with many domestic famous universities and hospitals established extensive scientific research and cooperation, also has a number of cell storage customers and health member customers. And tens of millions of immune cell storage bases in Shanghai are being built in an orderly manner. In November 2015, Beijing was able to build 360 thousand cell storage libraries and enter the trial run phase, and the original cell storage business and related scientific research work are also proceeding in an orderly way.
During the reporting period, completed laboratory cell preparation group can meet the GMP standard, research and development and biological evaluation, in the fully automated cell bank of a variety of non-specific and specific immune cells in the treatment of new technology research and development, a variety of stem cell technology, storage and application of three aspects of progress. In 2015, the original cell research and development investment of about 8 million 90 thousand yuan, accounting for 1.77% of operating income, 7 invention patents have been accepted.
In order to achieve the development strategy of the company's dual industry development, the reporting period opened environmental protection, non-public offering of shares to start matters, intends to issue no more than 60 million shares, raising funds of not more than 980 million yuan. Matters of the company will expand the project of water treatment equipment filter production line main business production scale and the acquisition of Zhejiang runshine equity as equity investment projects included in this set by both matters, open water and cell involved in the health industry development space broader, the company will the cell million level cell repository the construction project and the acquisition of Haitai pharmaceutical equity matters as equity investment projects included in this set by matters, provide financial and market resources, strong support for the development of the original energy cell.
Good expectations for future prospects given by the project based on the increase was open to institutional investors, the issue object identified as Shanghai Jielong Group Co. Ltd., Nantong Yue source Huida Asset Management Limited, CCB fund management limited liability company, Sany and other four institutions. The CCB fund subscribed 21 million shares, Le Yuan Huida subscribed 15 million shares, Sany and Jielong group to subscribe for 12 million shares respectively.
At present, fixed increase work has also been successfully promoted, in January this year, the company received the Commission's acceptance notice, in April the company reviewed the feedback for the Commission conducted a reply.
In 2016, environmental protection will officially enter the fourth five years - five years of soaring. Faced with the future, the management of the company is full of confidence, put forward the 2016 Group sales doubled the goal. Open group chairman Qu Jianguo said, in driving shareholders customers employees and investors of the four "wheel", "honesty, harmony, diligence, sharing the corporate culture under the guidance, open to environmental protection will be able to create a

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