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Sponge iron filter
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Sponge iron filter (also known as deoxidizer) using high-quality powder, using redox reaction principle, through the filter type except the way out, pipe, boiler circulating water corrosion of dissolved oxygen of the treated water dissolved oxygen content can reach below 0.05 mg/L, the deoxidizing agent has the backwashing frequency is low, high compressive strength, no powder, junction plate, large specific surface area. The utility model has the advantages of high activity and good regeneration effect.

The sponge iron deoxidizing agent after activation treatment, spongy porous iron particles, provided the sponge iron filter for dissolved oxygen in water (also known as deoxidizer) using high-quality powder, using redox reaction principle, through the filter type except the way out, pipe, boiler circulating water dissolved oxygen corrosion by after the treatment of water dissolved oxygen content

The sponge iron deoxidizer, which is activated and treated, is a spongy, porous iron particle, which provides an opportunity for reacting with active iron for dissolved oxygen in water, and accelerates oxidation and reduction reactions.

The technology and working principle of sponge iron deaerator:

1., the normal temperature operation, without heating, overcome the heat, vacuum deaeration and heating energy consumption shortcomings;

The deaerator can be realized at normal temperature without heating;

2., covers an area of small space occupation, convenient installation, high heat, vacuum deaeration overcomes the inconvenience of the installation; working principle: sponge iron deoxidizing agent by high active filler after activation treatment, sponge like porous iron particle, provides reaction conditions and active iron for dissolved oxygen in water, when oxygen rich water through the sponge iron, oxygen and iron in water oxidized completely, thereby eliminating the dissolved oxygen content in water. The system can supply water at any time without preparation time or oxygen tank;

3 is the soft floc that does not dissolve in water. When it accumulates to a certain extent, it can be discharged by backwash to restore the sponge iron to the initial deoxidization capacity. The deaerating effect is stable and reliable, less than 0.05mg/L stable dissolved oxygen content in water, with water quality standards for low pressure boiler;

New features: the sponge iron filter deaerator launched in China for several years, the early design of the device structure and process has some shortcomings gradually exposed in the actual operation, sometimes a great impact on system operation. With the active iron reaction opportunities, accelerate the redox reaction, the following chemical reaction with dissolved oxygen in water: Fe+H2O+1/2O2, Fe2++2OH- Fe2++2OH-+1/2H2O+1/4O2, Fe (OH): 3













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