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Activated carbon plays an important role in food production
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Activated carbon coconut shell activated carbon because of its high adsorption capacity, large surface area and other characteristics, in industry has a significant role, especially in the food production industry has obvious effect. What are the specific functions?

First of all, in the field of wine production has obvious effect. Generally speaking, coconut shell activated carbon, we will think of the process of bleaching, and used in food additives.

Secondly, the purification of natural glycerin is also one of the functions of coconut shell activated carbon. General natural glycerin from edible oil, fat and biodiesel, through a variety of techniques, extracted, and the glycerol used in food additives, can make food, can make food has very good moisture and prevent dry goods, video, but also can improve the taste of food, such as improving food softness. Or let candy chewing more. Of course, coconut shell activated carbon can also remove odor and organic substances, to prevent food in the smell and not good color.

Third, sucrose refining work is believed to be of great importance to many industries. After all, sucrose has a wide range of applications. Coconut shell activated carbon can be used in the refining of sucrose, and can also be used for the decolorization of sucrose. This is mainly because the coconut shell activated carbon can absorb the pigment in the raw material of sucrose, and can also adsorb some pigments produced in the process of production. It can use a lot of coconut shell activated carbon, and easy regeneration, the application is very flexible, able to adapt to a variety of sugar raw materials, and can ensure the quality of high-quality refined from uneven to sucrose.

Finally, a lot of syrup pigment are from citric acid or lactic acid and other biochemical food, and powdered activated carbon is also can be used in the fermentation process, can purify various biochemical food, food to use conditions. At the same time, coconut shell activated carbon product quality is also very good, can meet all kinds of harsh needs manufacturers.

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