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Activated carbon honeycomb activated carbon to make water more healthy
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With the aggravation of environmental pollution, the water used in different places is polluted differently. In addition, the environment is different, making the daily water content components vary. Days of water, especially drinking water, have "peculiar smell" and become the cause of many areas bothering residents. activated carbon will solve the problem for us.

Sewage odor, mainly for the following reasons

1., iron containing high water, not only has rust flavor, some bacteria oxidation Fe++, a lot of reproduction smell.

2., organic content of high water, simple erosion, reproduction of fungi, the occurrence of decadent flavor.

3. phosphorus over the water, simple algae occur, algae smell occurs.

4., more sulfide water will occur H2S odor.

5., the Yellow River water, because of high mud content, soil smell will occur.

No matter what substances are rich in water, what happens to the smell, and the strong adsorption expert of honeycomb activated carbon can solve the problem for us. Ningxia activated carbon honeycomb activated carbon is a kind of porous carbon material made of excellent coal or shell as material, through processing, forming, carbonization and activation. It has a certain mechanical strength, a large specific surface area and a strong adsorption function. Capable of adsorbing gas molecules. Honeycomb activated carbon adsorption is one of the effective methods to remove trace organic compounds in drinking water. The removal of color, smell and taste in water is very obvious. The study found that Potassium Permanganate and honeycomb activated carbon combined with odor can completely remove the water.

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