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Mechanism charcoal
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Place of Origin:China
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Machine-made carbon

Sawdust as raw material, the process is mainly sawdust by the machine after high temperature, high pressure molding, and then into the carbonized furnace carbonization. There is no need to add any additives in the whole production process. It belongs to the environmental protection product category. The main hexagonal centers are empty and square, with two holes in the center. The mechanism of carbon as a traditional charcoal (traditional charcoal: trees as raw material, sintering, is a kind of destruction of resources of the industry, has been banned by the state) alternative products, it has high calorific value, burning a long time, do not smoke, do not send explosion, environmental protection and many other advantages.

Compared with the mechanism of carbon black carbon

The competitive advantage of machine-made carbon lies in:

1, the price is cheap;

2. No pollution;

3, do not burst;

4, high calorific value;

5, environmental protection;

6, have fixed shape;


1) Calorific value: 7500-8000kcal

2) Ash content: <3.8%

3) Fixed carbon: ≥90%

4) Moisture: <6%

5) length>10cm.

6)10kg/ctn. a 20feet container about 1400ctns.