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Zeolites are natural zeolite activated by a variety of special technology, the adsorption properties of natural zeolite is stronger than that of ion exchange performance is better, not only can remove turbidity, color, odor, and heavy metals in water, harmful such as chromium, cadmium, nickel, zinc, mercury, iron ions and organic compounds. Phenol, 666, DDT, three nitrogen, ammonia nitrogen, phosphate ions and other substances with Adsorption Exchange, but also conducive to the removal of various pollutants and micro water extract does not contain toxic, harmful substances, removal of iron in water, fluoride effect is more significant. Therefore, activated zeolite is a new ideal filter material for industrial water supply, wastewater treatment and tap water filtration.

密度density g/cm3

1.8 ~ 2.2

滤速Filter speed m/h

4 ~ 12

容重Bulk density g/cm3


磨损率wear rate %


空隙率Void %


破碎率 broken rate %


比表面积Specific surface area m2/g

500 ~ 800

含泥量sludge content %


盐酸可溶率Hydrochloric acid soluble rate %


全交换工作容量total exchange capacity mg/g

2.2 ~ 2.5